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About LeiLuna Collection

British Born Leilani Dowding set up LeiLuna, after moving to LA from London. The former model  found it hard to find simple, but sexy, yet elegant dresses, in quality fabric, that are easy to keep, without having to shop at the most high end designer stores.

"All of our dresses are extremely sexy, yet incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.  It's all about the cut and the way the fabric drapes - that makes all the difference" says Leilani, who is quite often found on the Red Carpet or at Black Tie Hollywood events. 

Part of the ingenious practicality of the collection is that the pieces are ideal for women who have to look like stars at a moments notice.  Zipping around the world, Leilani has had to deal with packing light and being able to look like superstar upon arrival to her destinations. LeiLuna dresses, which come in a variety of colors in matte and sparkly stretch jersey, not only pack tightly and easily into your suitcase, many of them can also be worn as tops over leggings and jeans, adding many more style options without taking up hardly any space at all!  The designs can be dressed up for a special event or dressed down for the daytime or a more casual dinner with a special friend. LeiLuna Collection has graced two of the biggest music awards shows in the US and UK, having been worn to the Grammy's and the Brit Awards.  Their show stopping styles make women look nothing less than sensational.

"We create dresses that we really love and want to wear ourselves.  We want to be able to grab any of them from our wardrobe and know that it's going to look amazing, without having to try too hard". While all of the pieces are stunning, everyone can agree on one thing "Our Classic Backless Dress is our absolute, cannot be without, staple for any evening event or occasion.  It is our signature piece.

LeiLuna Collection is a must for a woman who is a smart, savvy shopper and wants to look sexy and beautiful when glamour calls!

LeiLuna Collection is made entirely in Los Angeles and is sold through the online storehttp://leilunacollection.com/shop/  The collection can also be found in boutiques in California, Florida, New York and London, UK.